Vintage Pocket Watches

Ken Jacobs was featured in part of the L.A. Times article on pocket watches and the tale of J.P. Morgan’s missing million-dollar pocket watch.


There’s no doubt that vintage pocket watches are becoming increasingly relevant. At WBAW?, our vintage pocket watches with fine craftsmanship have historic and horological value and continue their popularity with each generation. Newer generations of watch collectors are discovering the appealing mechanism of these stylish period timepieces.

A time of nostalgia. There is something special about a pocket watch–it transports you to a faraway era, almost slowing time down. Whether it’s an open face or encased, these timepieces offer a more interactive experience than a wristwatch does. You simply take a bit more time to look at your timepiece. Not to mention the attention you get when you wear one.

Pocket watches remain a popular accessory. Whether you’re in a tracksuit or a three-piece suit, they bring you to the next level of unique elegance. So, give your wristwatches (and smartphones) and a break, and treat yourself to a pocket watch.

All of our vintage, modern pre-owned watches are fully restored and guaranteed genuine to give you excellent service and peace of mind. 

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