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Watch sizing guide – Consider your style

This sizing guide will help you with the width and circumference of your watch. Please note that all metals and material have different weights. Stainless steel and precious metals are heavier than silicone and leather bracelets/straps.

For Men

For the “button-downs" man, an oversized watch can be difficult to wear with moderately-sized cuffs. You may consider a smaller watch size, rather than an ‘oversized’ one. An average men’s watch is 37mm-39mm.
For the “adventure seeker" man, a heavy, wider timepiece may be for you- Typically A men’s sports watch is 40mm-42mm, and a men’s XL watch is 43-47mm and up! These are sporty pieces or oversize!

For Ladies

Generally speaking, women’s watches have a smaller case than most men’s sizes. An oversized watch can be dressed up and dressed down. However, consider the case diameter for your own wrist size.
A women’s mini typically is 23-25mm. A small is 26mm to 29mm. A midsize can be 34mm-36mm.


Larger watch cases are in style and many modern watches have adapted a large case. Older or vintage ladies and men’s watches were in the midsize range. So, when looking for a vintage watch, it will be harder to find one with a large case.
Women should consider a men’s mid-size watch when looking for an “oversized" vintage timepiece.


Case Thickness

Typically 6-8 mm is “thin," 8-12 mm is “average," and 14-18 mm is “thick."
While these ranges are good reference points, remember to measure your wrist and use our sizing guide for more accurate sizing.


Lugs attach the case to the strap or bracelet and are not factored into case diameter. The lugs will stick out farther than the case diameter. Measure your wrist to determine will fit you best.

Straps & Bracelets

The average women’s watch is between 6.75″-7″. The average size watch for men is 7.5″-8″.
If you have leather, nato, plastic, synthetic or any type of non-metal bracelet, you can usually adjust the size each time you wear the watch. However, if you have a metal bracelet, you can have a jeweler or watch dealer remove the links for you to fit your wrist size comfortably.

We want to help you find the right watch!

If you have questions, please call us or email us. We’re happy to help you find the style and fit that’s perfect for you.