Prior to starting this company some 40+ years ago, we were deep in a rabbit hole collecting coins. In the early 1980s, we discovered the allure of vintage pocket watches, and so Wanna Buy A Watch was born. More functional than coins and certainly more socially engaging than even a beautiful flying eagle penny, carrying a pocket watch is a cool retro style of carrying a timepiece. Today, most of us still carry pocket watches; they’re called “smartphones,” and apparently, they have other functions besides telling the time!

The design fashionistas seem to reintroduce men’s vests every 5 or 6 years and stimulate a resurgence of interest in carrying a pocket watch. Unfortunately, we have observed that interest usually lasts only a minute or two. Nevertheless, pocket watches are remarkable objects. 

They can be beautiful and even magical, and the movements’ quality is extraordinary. While the occasional hipster may still sport a pocket watch as a daily wearer, most pocket watches we sell these days are for milestone events, wedding gifts by the bride, 50th birthday gifts, or to satisfy the nostalgic appetite of what someone’s grampa once carried. Whatever prompts your interest, we invite you to review some very striking and affordable vintage pocket watches from our finely curated offerings.