and Uni-Directional Bezel Watches Work

The Difference between
Bi-Directional Bezels and
Uni-Directional Bezels

In a watch, a bi-directional bezel can rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Its use is to measure time-related events like time zones or elapsed time. It functions like a timekeeper, and we usually find them in upscale watches and watches for divers.

In other words, bidirectional elapsed time watches help time your events.

Unidirectional bezels rotate in one direction only. This direction is simply spinning the bezel counter-clockwise; In the case of dive watches, it’s to count how much time you’ve spent underwaters, for example. Or to avoid unintentionally turning the bezel in both directions, which allows for errors and discrepancies in the elapsed time initially intended.

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