Does This Watch Comes With
Box and Papers?

The Importance of box and papers

A pre-owned watch in its box and papers is more sought-after; the box and papers add to the watch’s value. Therefore the price tends to be higher. Still, what’s most important is the watch itself. Please don’t buy a watch simply because it has its box and papers; be sure that a pre-owned watch carries the value it deserves with or without the box and papers. Regardless, our watches that come with their box and papers are gift-ready with “the box (the original box) and “the papers,” which are documents that reference the product, including model, serial numbers, and sometimes, purchase information. The history behind each watch becomes interesting because some documents hold a lot of information about the timepiece. These papers will allow us to read and revel in its past. These watches, especially a complete set, can be collectibles. Consequently, they hold on to their value. But, we have to say that everyone values watches differently, whether they have a box and papers or not. Some watches will be worn daily, while others will only stay in their boxes to be admired only once in a while. Ultimately, our main concern is the condition of the said watch. In any case, all of our vintage and modern pre-owned watches are fully restored and guaranteed genuine to give you excellent service and peace of mind. They are superb and functional. So, if they don’t have an original box, don’t fret! And, if that isn’t enough, we’re proud to say that our watches come with a gorgeous leather watch pouch–making them gift-ready and are dear and valued by our happy customers. As always, we invite you to come to the store or email us your inquiries.

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