Celebrity Clients at WBAW?

We always get a kick out of celebrity clients who shop at WBAW? either online or who come into our shop. We are honored to have as clients: actors, musicians, producers, directors, artists, and frankly every one of you terrifically accomplished people, in whatever fields of interest and careers you have pursued, who have the means and the refined taste to enjoy the beautiful and unusual horological related products that we have been carrying for the last 40 years! This week we are especially proud to have provided a super timepiece to our long-time customer and dear friend of the shop, TV chef, cooking contest creator, coffee maven, snake oil salesman, and overall super intelligent, witty, and eccentric personality, Alton Brown.

Alton has long been a fan of Rolex sport models that look like they have sat out in the elements for decades, like an abandoned pick-up truck in a farmer’s field or that look like they were un unearthed in an archeological dig. Well, we found the perfect watch for Alton, a 1980’s era Submariner with a tropical, distressed dial that has turned a mottled brown color. We have aptly named this model The Alton “Brown,” and we hope to institutionalize this name on all such future watches in honor of our dear friend and his passion for these uniquely discolored and aged sport Rolex dials.


While The Alton “Brown” may not be each of your tastes, you are sure to find some cool, and, we hope, compelling wristwear among this week’s new listings.

See Alton’s post of his newest favorite watch and his fans’ reactions! Instagram @AltonBrown

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