Meet The "Laurel Canyon" Watch

Unlike the dry cleaners who may sell or discard your clothes after 90 days, we keep a bin of abandoned customer repairs, usually for years. Most are not very valuable, and either the owner has decided the watch was not worth repairing, or their contact information has changed, and we can’t get a hold of them. Nevertheless, we don’t discard or sell them. One watch we found earlier this year was a watch we knew carried a lot of sentimental value to its owner.
The following is our customer’s account of the recovery of her long lost watch described in her YELP review:
I would give them 19 stars if I could!! When my new puppy ate my watch band I stopped in to replace the one I had gotten there. Although I had been a regular at the old store ,somehow I lost track of them when they moved. I had a lovely interaction when I was there recently, the store is still gorgeous, unique and incredibly beautiful, the watches are spectacular and the women who work there were incredibly charming and kind, but I had never been there when the owner Ken had been in. This time he happened to be and in a fit of nostalgia I said to him, I bought the greatest watch from you years ago Laurel Canyon. He looked at me and said Cathy ? I couldn’t believe he remembered my name after all these years and with my face covered by a mask. He said “and where is Laurel Canyon now ?” Much to my chagrin I was forced to admit I had looked and looked but couldn’t find it . He then walked into the back and proceeded to show me my old beloved Laurel Canyon watch . He had kept it for me for 19 YEARS!!! What store does that ?? I couldn’t believe it ,it was like finding an old friend. He has apparently tried to track me down unsuccessfully and this bit of synchronicity reunited me with my watch. This is BEYOND customer service , it is in a whole other realm!! He didn’t even charge me, although god knows I owed him interest and storage fees. He then proceeded to give me the beautiful mug I am drinking out of right now with a picture of the old beloved store . I can’t recommend this store any more highly. Run, don’t walk if you want a stunning, priceless watch and the most remarkable people around. I will never lose this place again . Ken, thank you, thank you !!

All of our vintage, modern pre-owned watches are fully restored and guaranteed genuine to give you excellent service and peace of mind. 

Email, call or visit us and ask Ken, founder of Wann Buy A Watch?, for more details.

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