Retailer Spotlight LV Luxury Jewelers In Las Vegas, NV, And Wanna Buy A Watch? In West Hollywood, CA

Go West, young man.


This week, we’re putting the spotlight on two retailers, one large and one small, who are driving horology forward in the West. Wanna Buy A Watch in Los Angeles focuses on vintage timepieces, while LV Luxury is the place in Las Vegas to purchase brand new watches to celebrate winning a cool sum at the tables next door.

The closure of The Strip in Las Vegas has surely put a damper on tourism (it doesn’t exist), and by extension, the local economy. For a business that employs 65 people like LV Luxury, the effect is felt not only by the folks directly behind the business, but by those that are employed as well. Supporting local retailers creates a multiplier effect: You’re keeping them in business, but you’re also supporting the people whose livelihood is working at the various boutiques.

Our readership is likely familiar with Wanna Buy A Watch in Los Angeles. While they can’t open the store, they’ve adapted to these trying times and can set up face-to-face meetings with customers.

Thank you to Mr. Bekhor from LV Luxury Jewelers and Mr. Jacobs from Wanna Buy A Watch for sharing your stories.

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