A few months back we came across a whimsical image of the sinister character in the shadows who opens up his trench coat to coax you into a super deal on a “fine” wristwatch. We found the image compelling, as it puts a face on the expression that inspired our business name some 35+ years ago.

We tracked down the artist Ephraim Wuensch and he kindly agreed to create a large custom image of our landmark store on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood featuring this notorious character! We asked him to include other popular elements of our store and surroundings. We were delighted with the results. And now this colorful and imaginative piece hangs proudly in our showroom.

And now, Inspired by this playful image, we have created a limited series of vintage cafe style mugs with our newly adopted “Psst, wanna buy a watch?” character on one side and a version of the large mural on the other.



For those of you who have enjoyed a 10 cent cup of coffee at a lunch counter, diner, or truck stop, you will recognize the weighty feel of this mug. For the rest of you, we hope you will relish our cup for your favorite sleepy time tea, or Sumatran organic brew.


Ephraim Wuensch is a self taught Brooklyn NY artist whose imaginative and whimsical art celebrates social commentary and humor. We find his colorful, naive style to recall Chagall among others. To view more examples of his work, or to contact the artist, visit his Instagram page @Ephraim.Wuensch.