Fred Savage offers a “tip of the hat” to Wanna Buy A Watch? while Ben Clymer anoints us “LA’s horological epicenter”

Our dear friend, (and yours) Fred Savage of “Wonder Years” fame was featured in a Hodinkee “Talking Watches” episode that went live yesterday. Fred gave quite a “tip of the hat” to us here at Wanna Buy A Watch? which we much appreciated. And in the article, Ben has anointed Wanna Buy A Watch? the “horological epicenter of Los Angeles.” We certainly appreciate this distinction, and as devotees of phrases and expressions, this one really resonates with us! So please check out Fred’s video and Ben’s article. BTW, check out Ben and Ken in the attached photo. As we understand it, Ben heard about our fabulous RED bathroom in our new digs and flew across the country to see it. Stop by the store for a visit to our RED bathroom, and you also might run into Fred at our watch counter! READ HODINKEE ARTICLE