Wanna Buy A Watch? Bloomberg News and part of the vintage watch vocabulary!

Wanna buy a watch?, now there’s an interesting expression. In fact, if you are reading this article you recognize this “kitch” expression as the name of our business.

The following article is not specifically about our Wanna Buy A Watch? but it is an interesting read about the vintage watch market. We are not quoted in this article, though we often are, and with almost 40 years under our belt of operating a retail store on fashionable Melrose Avenue, we are certainly not the new kids on the block. Enjoy this read and check out our goodies, join our weekly newsletter of new listings, follow us on Instagram, and by all means please stop by our new location just up the block!

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New WBAW? Location Rocks!!!

We are excited to report that today marks 4 weeks since we reopened in our fabulous new location just up the block from our home of the last 13 years. We are totally thrilled about our new digs, and urge you to come by for a visit, to relax in our lounge, and check out some of our great new finds listed in this week’s newsletter.