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Vintage Rally Timer – Silver Dial


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With painstaking attention to detail, we are very proud to introduce the True North Watch Co. Vintage Rally Timer chronograph. A classic timepiece inspired by the iconic valjoux chronos of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Sunburst silver Panda “step dial” with black sub-dials and silver index.
The VRT is powered by a rugged meca-quartz mechanism, resulting with a watch that combines the accuracy of quartz with the crisp feel and performance of a mechanical chronograph.


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The Story

We were inspired to create the VRT chronograph from our lifelong passion for vintage Daytonas. Our goal was to create a timepiece that had the soul and design language of these timeless icons. The VRT is powered by a rugged meca-quartz mechanism, resulting in a watch that combines the accuracy of quartz with the crisp feel and performance of a mechanical chronograph.

The Design

The creation of the VRT was a 5 year process in which we forensically studied the iconic vintage Valjoux racing chronographs in an effort to create durable, reliable timepieces that share both the correct lines and dimensions of their timeless predecessors.


Seiko (SII) VK63 Mechaquartz Watch Movement. The SII (Seiko Instruments) caliber VK63 is part of the hybrid mechanical quartz (mechaquartz) movement line. It is a chronograph movement that uses quartz technology for the main functions of the watch and a mechanical module for operating the chronograph.


  • Case Diameter: 37mm
  • Case length: 44m
  • Case thickness: 13.8mm

Lug Width

  • 20mm

Domed Crystal

  • Vintage inspired domed and round sapphire-coated mineral crystal.

Bracelet – Leather Straps

  • Oyster – 316l Stainless
  • Leather Strap – If you change to a leather strap we recommend using curved end links.

Water Resistant

  • Depth 50 meters – 165 feet

DON’T Wear Your Watch In The Shower! (Even Your Diver)

So your watch is water resistant or waterproof, and you wonder: can I wear my watch in the shower? There is actually a lot of elements that will prevent you from showering with your favorite piece on.

Don’t wear your watch in the shower. They are not designed to withstand warm water. When your watches cools down after the shower, moist air gets sucked into the case. Doing this repeatedly will deteriorate the movement, even if your watch is water resistant or if it’s a dive watch with a depth rating of 100 m or more.

Why wearing a watch in the shower is a bad idea

Now, you might think: come on, I’m not 100 m deep in water when I shower!

That’s true, but here is the thing: the water freefalls onto your watch. The speed the water gains from falling adds up a lot more pressure than if you were to gently submerge your watch 2 inch (or 5 cm) deep in water.

So the pressure might not be the same as if you were deep diving, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that – yes – a shower puts the water resistance of your watch to the test. Not a crazy amount of pressure, but still.

Hot water can cause gaskets lose their ability to contract and expand, crowns and pusher have a harder time screwing in or popping back into place, crystal crack. It’s just the way it is: your watch is a living object, and it ages – just like us.

As a result, over time, your watch may lose some of its water resistance rating. Wearing it the shower will reduce the amount of time between servicings even more, so that you will have to send it for servicing more often if you want it to perform at factory specifications.


1 year warranty against defects.

If you want to change a product into another size, color etc, please contact us so we are able to reserve the new item in our stock immediately. You are always entitled to an exchange or refund within 30 days after you have received your package, as long as the item has not been used. All original packaging, price labels etc. shall be returned with the product without having been tampered with.

In case of returns or exchange of goods please contact us at to receive a prepaid return label.

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Rolex Serial Numbers and Clasp Codes

Rolex Serial Numbers

Rolex Production Year Serial Number
2010 G
2009 V
2008 M OR V
2007 M OR Z
2006 D OR Z
2005 D
2005 F
2004 F
2003 F
2002 Y
2001 K OR Y
2000 K,000,001
2000 P,000,001
1999 A,000,001
1998 U,932,144
1997 U,000,001
1996 T,000,001
1995 W,000,001
1994 S,860,880
1993 S,000,001
1992 C,000,001
1991 N,000,001
1991 X,000,001
1990 E,000,001
1989 L,980,000
1988 R,598,200
1987 R,000,001
1987 9,400,000
1986 8,900,000
1985 8,614,000
1984 8,070,022
1983 7,400,000
1982 7,100,000
1981 6,520,870
1980 6,434,000
1979 5,737,030
1978 5,000,000
1977 5,008,000
1976 4,115,299
1975 3,862,196
1974 3,567,927
1973 3,200,268
1972 2,890,459
1971 2,589,295
1970 2,241,882
1969 1,900,000
1968 1,752,000
1967 1,538,435
1966 1,200,000
1965 1,100,000
1964 1,008,889
1963 824,000
1962 744,000
1961 643,153
1960 516,000
1959 399,453
1958 328,000
1957 224,000
1956 133,061
1955 97,000
1954 23,000
1953 855,726
1952 726,639
1951 709,249
1948 628,840
1947 529,163
1946 367,946
1945 302,459
1944 269,561
1943 230,878
1942 143,509
1941 106,047
1940 99,775
1939 71,224
1938 43,739
1937 40,920
1936 36,856
1935 34,336
1934 30,823
1933 29,562
1932 29,132
1930 23,186
1928 23,969
1927 20,190
1926 00,001

Rolex Clasp Codes

Bracelet CodeYear
A or VA1976
B or VB1977
C or VC1978
D or VD1979
E or VE1980
F or VF1981
T or W1995