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Wanna Buy A Watch? Press Kit

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From our first days of business in the early 1980’s on the ultra hip Melrose Avenue, known worldwide for vintage clothing, neon art, and American Pop Culture, Wanna Buy A Watch? has been in the forefront of fashion and popularity for its high quality curated collection of vintage pocket watches, wristwatches, and estate jewelry.

Now 35 years later, WBAW? has the distinction of still being one of the most well known and popular vintage watch specialty stores in America. We have 100’s of beautiful vintage and preowned watches and estate jewels on display to view and handle in our comfortable retail environment. No appointment necessary, you can visit at your convenience during our hours of operation 5 days a week, Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM PST.

Our mission today, as it has been since inception, is to offer a finely curated selection of vintage watches selected for their strong design characteristics, and  which we restore to our own very high standards of good taste and attention to detail. We regularly hear from our customers how they appreciate the wide selection of brands, price range, and particularly exceptional condition and beauty of our watches. We hope you can see from browsing our website, that our forte is to source distinctive, and exceptional condition vintage watches. Whether your budget is $500, or $10,000 or higher, you can be assured of acquiring a distinctive and special timepiece from WBAW.

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Wanna Buy A Watch? on Melrose

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Wanna Buy A Watch?


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Wanna Buy A Watch ?

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Wanna Buy A Watch?

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Wanna Buy A Watch?


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Ken Jacobs

Former clinical psychologist, Ken Jacobs is the founder and owner of Wanna Buy A Watch (WBAW?) vintage watch boutique located for the last 35 years on fashionable Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. WBAW? specializes in the finest Swiss and American brands of vintage and collectible watches.

Wanna Buy a Watch? has the distinction of being one of the most popular vintage watch stores in America! The shop enjoys a fine reputation for the high quality and depth of their vintage watch collection and for the expertise and enthusiasm of its owner. Ken has received much worldwide recognition and his shop has been featured in many publications about collecting and investing in vintage watches. Located in the entertainment capital of the world, his store is also noted for its well known celebrity clientelle, including singers Adam Levine, John Mayer, actor Will Ferrell, comedienne and talk show host Ellen Degeneres, and many others.

Ken, is distinguished among his peers by his attention to detail and his strong sense of design aesthetics. He is recognized for his eye for beauty and exquisite style when selecting product. The merchandise from WBAW? is noted for is its condition, quality, and beauty. Additionally, Ken personally oversees the restoration of watches offered by WBAW? to assure that they meet his personal high standards ofquality and attention to detail.

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We feature the most distinctive vintage watches. All our watches are restored and guaranteed to give you excellent service and piece of mind.Wanna Buy A Watch? specializes in the finest vintage Swiss and American wristwatches. Swiss brands include Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheorn & Constantin, Jaeger Lecoultre, Audemars Piguet, Movado, Eterna, Favre Leuba, Tissot, Longines, IWC and many others. American brands include Waltham, Lord Elgin, Bulova, Benrus, Illinois, and Gruen…

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Wanna Buy A Watch? listed by “Luxury Magazine (Spring 2016)” as one of the best dealers of vintage watches across the world.

Every issue covers a broad range of categories—from travel and fashion to home design, real estate, vehicles, and technology. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature of our signature publication is that every issue showcases an artist’s work as the cover art, …READ MORE

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Wanna Buy A Watch? in CLUTCH MAGAZINE

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LA Times

Hollywood Reporter

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Mondani Books

The Blond Salad

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Molly Healy Estate Jewelry

Boulevard Magazine

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Gault Millot Guide to LA

“This place is the headquarters for stylized vintage timepieces from WWII to 1960. The riveting range includes everything from more affordable gold-filled models to rare exotics by Patek Philippe & Vacheron & Constantin. Add to that Hamilton’s new line of classic 40’s look-alikes, and you’ll begin to understand why this is where serious collectors and celebrities like to spend time and money.”

Lucky Magazine

WBAW? was mentioned in a recent Lucky magazine issue for its beautiful selection of antique diamond rings and fine vintage and contemporary watches.

Collectibles Channel “Treasures in the Home”

WBAW? was featured on the PAX cable collecting channel on the show “Treasures in the Home” The segment was filmed on location at the shop, and principal and watch expert Ken Jacobs showed off interesting and unusual examples from the shop’s extensive collection of fine vintage watches. Ken emphasized the increased popularity and price increases of circa 1950’s sport and specialized diving and chronograph models made of stainless steel.

“Alan Mendelson’s Channel 7 “Best Buys” Television Show

WBAW? was featured recently on Alan Mendelson’s “Best Buys” television segment broadcast in the LA market. The segment featured the WBAW? extensive selection of preowned Rolex watches. Topics featured were the the savings and good value of buying good condition, guaranteed Rolex watches, from reliable sources, and cautions about recognizing fake or altered watches.

August 2002
Instore Magazine
America’s Coolest Stores

WBAW? has just been selected one of the top 3 jewelry stores in America, by the editors of InStore Magazine, a professional trade publication for the jewelry industry. – See more at:

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