Phillips “Styled” Preview... Highlighting the Vintage Watch in Men’s Fashion

When asked about our business here at Wanna Buy A Watch?, we often describe ourselves as being in the fashion business. The products we sell are vintage and contemporary wristwatches, but we really consider ourselves in the men’s (and to a lesser extent) the women’s fashion industry.


Unlike women, men have few accessories with which to adorn and distinguish themselves. However, even a single wristwatch, better yet, a “wardrobe” of wristwatches, certainly provides any fashionable guy the means to proclaim his taste, style, or material assets by the watch on his wrist.


None of us lack for the means to tell time, as we each carry with us a modern version of the pocket watch, AKA a smart phone. But when it comes to being dressed, and being well dressed, even if your fashion is flip flops, jeans, or a t-shirt, your wrist watch is de rigueur in defining and announcing your style.


Well now, the foremost watch auction house, Phillips, in their New York December auction has addressed the fashion side of the vintage wrist market in the most direct way imaginable. If you view their 120 magnificent watches without studying the hard copy or on line version of the catalog, you are surely missing out.


With the collaboration of Toby Bateman from Mr Porter and Wei Koh of The Rake, this sale has been organized not around brand, or era, or price, but by the type of wardrobe that such a watch might complement. 12 different settings or venues each calling out a particular style form the basis for presenting the offerings. Whether the setting and wardrobe is sporty, casual, adventure, sports, business, or formal, the catalog offers suggestions of bespoke men’s attire, and candidate watches suitable to each. While attire does not dictate when a watch is worn, it is none the less engaging to regard the watch in the context of the wardrobe. We urge you to read these commentaries, and have included them below for your convenience. We think you will find it engaging!


In the meantime, when you are done perusing the Phillips catalog, please check out our newest offerings. See if there is anything to add to your wardrobe this holiday season, or if there is anything that a loved one would like to surprise you with!