Equal Pay, Equal Watches for Women!

Wanna Buy A Watch? was recently featured in an article in LA Business Journal on the fashion of women wearing larger size watches. We have noticed this trend for a long time. Women coming to our shop, make a beeline to the gold Rolex showcase, and survey the 36mm full size men’s gold Rolexes and ask, “do you have anything bigger?”


And when men come to our shop and ask to see our women’s watches, we immediately inform them that most women who come to our shop want larger size models, not the traditional small size lady’s watch. So we raise this topic by asking ” do you want a woman’s watch, or do you want a watch for a woman?”


So what drives this phenomenon. Is it the power watch phenomenon? Women in the work place assuming positions of leadership and management adopting the trappings typically associated with their male colleagues? As women become more empowered in the work place, is the larger size watch a symbol of their power?


We do think that the “I did it” culture is a factor here. Typically we see women buying these watches for themselves. Predominantly, they are not being gifted these watches. It is the woman coming to our store, making their selection, and paying themselves. Clearly a show of “…I earned it, I can afford it, I am worth it!



Perhaps, though we see no loss of femininity in wearing a larger size watch. A larger watch indeed is easier to read the time with, and no longer is a woman obliged to wear a small watch to be feminine!


Whatever factors are at play, we think the fashion is here to stay. So gals, head over to the Wanna Buy A Watch? shop, or check out the listings here on our website, and see if any of our men’s size models strike your fancy!

To read excerpts from the LA Journal article, click here




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