THE OVERLOOKED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN POCKETWATCH! Prior to starting this company some 40+ years ago, we were deep in a rabbit hole collecting coins. In the early 1980s, we discovered the allure of vintage pocket watches, and so Wanna Buy A Watch was born. More functional than coins and certainly more socially engaging than even […]

Standard H Podcast Interview

Standard H Podcast SOURCE StandardH Wesley:  Today’s guest is the founder of a company many of you watch fans have heard of time and again, and my history with Ken Jacobs spans the better part of 10 or so years. So this conversation was a fun version of memory lane to take a stroll down, […]

Vintage Pocket Watches

vintage pocket watches

Vintage Pocket Watches Ken Jacobs was featured in part of the L.A. Times article on pocket watches and the tale of J.P. Morgan’s missing million-dollar pocket watch. THE AGE OF POCKET WATCHES IS HERE TO STAY. There’s no doubt that vintage pocket watches are becoming increasingly relevant. At WBAW?, our vintage pocket watches with fine […]

Custom Color Dials

Custom Color Dials A face lift for your watch One way to show your unique personality is with a custom color dial watch. We value our significant style, so it’s obvious we want to make it special. Show your mood and your artistic personality with one of our custom colored dial watches. We wear our […]

Dress Model Watches

DRESS MODEL WATCHES Everyone needs a dress watch Wanna Buy A Watch? has the classic dress watches every man or woman needs. Some dress models are traditional exemplars with an iconic classic look, while others offer a few modern elements with innovative designs and contemporary style. In any case, they are substantially impressive on your […]

The “Laurel Canyon” Watch

THE “LAUREL CANYON” WATCH​ Meet The “Laurel Canyon” Watch Unlike the dry cleaners who may sell or discard your clothes after 90 days, we keep a bin of abandoned customer repairs, usually for years. Most are not very valuable, and either the owner has decided the watch was not worth repairing, or their contact information […]

Does This Watch Comes with Box and Papers?

Does This Watch Comes With Box and Papers? The Importance of box and papers A pre-owned watch in its box and papers is more sought-after; the box and papers add to the watch’s value. Therefore the price tends to be higher. Still, what’s most important is the watch itself. Please don’t buy a watch simply […]

The Difference in Bi-Directional Bezels and Uni-Directional Bezels

How Bi-Directional and Uni-Directional Bezel Watches Work The Difference between Bi-Directional Bezels and Uni-Directional Bezels In a watch, a bi-directional bezel can rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Its use is to measure time-related events like time zones or elapsed time. It functions like a timekeeper, and we usually find them in upscale watches […]

Quickset vs Non-Quickset Date

Quickset vs Non-Quickset Date Quickset vs Non-Quickset Date A quickset feature on a watch lets you set the date (independently from the hands) by simply turning the crown. You can also change other features on the watch more rapidly by solely turning the crown. On the other hand, on a non-quickset watch, you must turn […]

Celebrity Clients at WBAW?

Celebrity Clients at WBAW? We always get a kick out of celebrity clients who shop at WBAW? either online or who come into our shop. We are honored to have as clients: actors, musicians, producers, directors, artists, and frankly every one of you terrifically accomplished people, in whatever fields of interest and careers you have […]

FROM HODINKEE: Bring a Loupe A Mint Movado World Timer, A ‘Nina Rindt’ Compax, And A Jet-Set Longines

It’s that time of the week again, so take a seat, get comfortable, and do your best to resist temptation. This installment of the roundup features picks like an impossibly mint Movado world timer along with a similarly jet-set Longines. For the chronograph heads, we’ve got a Nina Rindt Compax of the highest quality, in addition to a bit of a project Breitling. And, just because, a book of risqué complications.

Tightening The Clasp

Today I’m showing you how to tighten the clasp on a hidden clasp presidential bracelet.

Equal Pay, Equal Watches for Women!

Wanna Buy A Watch? was recently featured in an article in LA Business Journal on the fashion of women wearing larger size watches. We have noticed this trend for a long time. Women coming to our shop,


A few months back we came across a whimsical image of the sinister character in the shadows who opens up his trench coat to coax you into a super deal on a “fine” wristwatch. We found the image compelling, as it puts a face on the expression that inspired our business name some 35+ years ago.

Why Vintage Watches Are Making a Comeback

“Men’s 31 to 36mm models are now popular women’s sizes” as well, Jacobs adds. “Petite and feminine are no longer what women are looking for in their watches.”

Wanna Buy A Watch? Bloomberg News and part of the vintage watch vocabulary!

Wanna Buy A Watch? Bloomberg News and part of the vintage watch vocabulary! Wanna buy a watch?, now there’s an interesting expression. In fact, if you are reading this article you recognize this “kitch” expression as the name of our business. The following article is not specifically about our Wanna Buy A Watch? but it […]

Bring a Loupe

Bring a Loupe A BREITLING NAVITIMER REF. 806 AOPA, A DE BETHUNE DB28 TITANIUM, AND A TUDOR SUBMARINER REF. 7928 This week’s round-up of vintage watches from around the world. Isaac Wingold-Orginal Source This week’s roundup is a bit of a longer read than usual, but fear not, we’ve got the goods as always. All […]

The State of the Vintage Watch Market

Rolex Daytona ref 6262 circa 1968 Service Papers

The State of the Vintage Watch Market SEPTEMBER 28, 2018  |   BY J. W. SOTAK  |  PHOTO BY CHRISTIES FRIDAY, SEP 28, 2018   ORIGINAL SOURCE GEARPATROL   Note: J.W. Sotak, Gear Patrol’s Content Director, Gear Patrol Store, was previously the C.O.O. of Analog/Shift, a vintage watch retailer based in New York City.   It took twelve minutes […]